Clinical Diagnostics

  • We provide ~50 cancer MDx tests, covering important tumors such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, gynecological tumors, liver and hepatobiliary tumors, digestive system tumors, urinary system tumors, thyroid cancer, glioma, etc.
  • We provide 3 series of reproductive MDx tests, including NIPT/NIPTplus, IVF related tests, and rare genetic disorder tests.
  • We also offer 3 IVD kits: tumor drug companion diagnostics; mNGS pathogen IVD kit; and a newly developed Covid-2019 nucleotide test kit.

Non-Clinical/Consumer NGS tests

  • We provide 100+ NGS tests, ranging from whole genome sequencing to cancer susceptibility tests.
  • Different tests were developed targeting different age groups and sexes: children; adults; mid-aged to elder populations; men and women-specific tests…


  • The MDx sector is projected to bring over 250M RMB ($30-40M USD) revenue in 2021.
  • Majority (over 90%) of the revenue is from clinical diagnostics. However, we project that the consumer NGS tests revenue will see significant growth once cancer early (much early) detection tests are ready for the market.